We Specialise in Dispersion Modelling, Data Supply & Consultancy.

We provide dispersion and deposition modelling

AS Modelling have a wide range of established clients in the farming, wastewater, waste management and general manufacturing industries. If you or your client are having issues with odour complaints or require an assessment of odour, ammonia or air quality for a planning or permitting application, our team can provide you with the expertise, modelling, data and reports as needed.

Odour Dispersion Modelling

£ 1800-3000
  • Service/feature 1

Ammonia Modelling

£ 2400-3200
  • Service/feature 1

Odour + Ammonia Modelling

£ 3000-4000
  • Service/feature 1

Why Choose Us?



Our prices listed above are some of the most competitive in the industry.



With over 50 years combined experience in the meteorology field, you can trust our team to perform our services to the highest standard.



At AS Modelling, we value our reputation as one of the leading UK data modelling companies.

AS Modelling Services

Odour Modelling

We provide both desk-based and on-site odour risk assessments using dispersion and deposition modelling.

Air Quality

We have decades of experience helping clients understand and quantify their contributions to greenhouse gas emmissions.

Met Data

AS Modelling can provide Met Data from anywhere around the world, either in raw form or formatted for use in dispersion modelling.

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